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Monday, October 26, 2009

Signed Lightsaber and JAMIE BELL Jumper Autograph auctioned off for Charity

Star Wars actors have joined forces to get behind the Northern Ireland Children's Hospice by signing one of the most famous artifacts in the movie industry --

This truly unique prize will be auctioned on eBay starting today, October 26, with all proceeds being donated to Northern Ireland Children's Hospice.

Also being auctioned off for the hospice is a signed quad sheet poster for the movie Jumper, which has been autographed by Hayden Christensen, Jamie Bell and Rachel Bilson.

Check out the auction Here...


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Eagle Of The Ninth: Peter Adams - Seal Warrior

a 17 year old professional 'Free Runner' from Glasgow
Who played one of the Seal Warriors in
The Eagle Of The Ninth
Peter wrote to tell me of his experience:
I played one of the main Seal Warriors but I was ill through filming and was replaced, (which was annoying because I won’t be in anymore of the film). But I was part of a group of 12 that came from Glasgow.
We traveled up on a coach and it took about 7 hours in total because we drove from Glasgow straight to Achiltibuie.

We got our costumes fitted, then our heads shaved and then went back to the hotel.
We woke up at 4 am the next morning to go get costume paint and hair stuck on.
It was so cold for about 10 hours, waiting in that little white tent with only chairs and one hot air vent.

We finally went up to film about 4 o’clock in the afternoon after a long and cold wait.
When we got to the top of the hill we realized how big the village they had built was.

First we were made to run to the Seal Prince from all over the village - which given the muddy conditions - was pretty hard to do.
Sliding and falling I went over my ankle at a few points. Some people had dogs… all had spears and hatchets.
A few people got stabbed in the stomach….

The next day everything was good and the jokes were better.
Some of the Glasgow guys had Channing saying a famous Glasgow phrase - "I’ll chib you, ya dobber".

Peter Adams
"I will stab you, you idiot"

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Eagle Of The Ninth: Filming In New Location...

Loch Lomond
Julie writes in a short email to me today...
"It was quite surreal here on Thursday with all the lorries etc moving out. They had to start packing up at 7am and had to be at the new location by the evening. I understand that they will now be filming in the Loch Lomond area for 6 weeks."

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Eagle Of The Ninth: Tahar Rahim To Join Cast?

According to Allociné and Le Journal du Dimanche,
Tahar Rahim could join the cast of The Eagle of the Ninth.


The Eagle Of The Ninth: Duncan Kenworthy, Producer

Duncan Kenworthy is one of the UK’s biggest producers, with three Richard Curtis blockbusters to his name - but he hasn’t produced a film since 2003.

Matt Mueller caught up with him on the Hungarian location shoot of his long-cherished film, The Eagle Of The Ninth.


Julie mentions meeting Duncan in her second report...

We met a really friendly guy near to the set and we spoke to him for sometime – he was telling us about how they were in Hungary for 6 weeks and how things were going here etc and told us to go and look into the huts, wander around the “village”etc and not to worry that if we were in the way, we would be asked to move. Having introduced himself as Duncan, asking our names as well, I asked if he would be going to the ceilidh at night. He was and we met him there and he spoke to us by name which I thought was really good. Only later did I find out that he was infact Duncan Kenworthy, the producer.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Eagle Of The Ninth: Follow-Up...

Rory writes this morning:

It sounds like that's it for the filming in the area but I heard from the caretaker of our house that everyone had enjoyed having the film crew around. The only problem had been the number of trucks and 4x4's clogging up the roads.

She said it had been good for the local economy and they had even bought 3,000 kippers from the Achiltibuie smokehouse to act as props on huge drying racks on set!

Best wishes,

Thanks Rory

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A BLOG EXCLUSIVE! The Eagle Of The Ninth - Julie's Latest Report Directly From The Site...

Update on Eagle of the Ninth

On Saturday, 10th October, we decided to walk up to Fox Point to look at the set. The weather was great when we had left home and was still dry as we walked up the hill. Due to filming we had to wait for a while and once the all terrain vehicles started to move we were able to continue towards the set.

We met a really friendly guy near to the set and we spoke to him for sometime – he was telling us about how they were in Hungary for 6 weeks and how things were going here etc and told us to go and look into the huts, wander around the “village”etc and not to worry that if we were in the way, we would be asked to move. Having introduced himself as Duncan, asking our names as well, I asked if he would be going to the ceilidh at night. He was and we met him there and he spoke to us by name which I thought was really good. Only later did I find out that he was infact Duncan Kenworthy, the producer.

The set was so impressive – however getting across the boggy tracks was not at all easy, especially as I am a bog magnet and usually end up falling in them. We had seen some photos of the huts and were totally amazed at how realistic the fibre glass stones were – an amazing amount of work must have gone into it and the colours were incredible!

The costumes for the extras are fantastic and it was great fun looking beyond the green paint to see who we recognised!

As the weather was so bad by now – rain, rain and more rain we weren’t sure if we would just head back down the hill but noticed they were filming at ground level. 2 of the extras were walking past the black horse and the camera man was filming their legs through the horses legs! The man actually turned out to be a friend of Stuart’s and his nickname is Budgie.

The next bit to be filmed was Channing scraping a sealskin outside a hut so bark chippings had to be laid and covered with bracken as the ground was so wet. Then with everything about ready and Channing called the weather changed so they decided to do a close up of Channing with the horses.

By now we were well and truly soaked so headed off back down the hill. We had spoked to quite a few people involved in the filming and they were all really courteous and looking forward to the ceilidh.

We never saw Jamie so not sure if he was there or not.

The ceilidh was by far one of the best we have ever had in our community hall. Despite having taken 2 hours to get off the hill a great number of people came along – including some extras who were staying in Ullapool and had never been to a ceilidh before.

Jamie, Channing and his wife all came along and appeared to be really enjoying themselves. I hadn’t seen Jamie before and he is quite a small and slender guy. I had gone into the lounge to tidy the tea things and he was there jamming away with a local guy and they were singing away (can’t remember the song) and Jamie was playing one of the kid’s guitars.

Both Channing and Jamie were really good about signing autographs and having their photos taken with people. Due to the problems with my camera I didn’t get any.

The music for the evening was varied but brilliant. So many of the kids were involved – guitars, bagipes, accordians and whistles. The Coigach singers did a few songs, lot of piping and a tremendous amount of dancing. It was great as we had our very own “Dancing with the Stars”.

The lady who is the vocal coach sang Robert Burns Aye Fond Kiss and it was so beautifully sung and the audience joined in with her.

At the end of the night we finished in true highland style with Auld Lang Syne and I hope that the memory and atmosphere of the night stays with everyone for a long time.


A Special 'THANK YOU' To Julie For Her Wonderful Report!

The Eagle Of The Ninth Blog Exclusive! Photos From The Site...


Thanks Julie!

The Eagle Of The Ninth: 'Legion Of The Damned' - Jamie Bell

Look for the section of this article describing the 'Picts'...

Tintin In 3D!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Hollywood Come To Coigach: Achiltibuie Garden and The Eagle Of The Ninth

Hollywood come to Coigach.
The Achiltibuie Garden is celebrating the filming of The Eagle of the Ninth, in Coigach, by giving customers 9% discount on all orders placed between
the 9th & 19th October.
Please quote discount code EO9 when placing your order.

The Eagle Of The Ninth - Ceilidh Dance

Julie at Achiltibuie Garden emailed me this morn to say that the

Ceilidh Dance

planned by the locals for the crew of 'Eagle' went well Sunday...

Unfortunately her camera fell victim to the rain, so no pictures!

Julie hopes to send another report from the site soon with pictures this time.

Thanks again Julie!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Eagle Of The Ninth - A Report Directly From The Site...

A report directly from the site of shooting this morning:

Hi Ted

Have just arrived in at the office and on the way I pass Achnahaird beach, which is one of the locations for the film, and there is a lot of activity there. Filming commences today and I have so much sympathy for all the men involved as there is not much to their costumes plus all have had to have their heads shaved! The weather here is awful - winds and heavy rain are forecast.

The site at Fox Point is looking good - a friend went on a walk to see it and I hope to make it out this weekend. The construction crew have had to endure the worst weather we have had for a long time! The old hydroponicum building, where our business originated, had been turned into the costume and props base. I haven't been in but our old offices are now dressing rooms and all available space has been utilised.

Last night we had a meeting of the Achiltibuie Tourist Assocation and as we were finishing someone suggested doing something for the crew as they have a day off on Sunday. In true westcoast style we have decided to organise a ceilidh dance and hope it will be a good night. I suggested it to the production team who instantly said yes! Will let you know how it goes.

Not sure where the "Stars" are staying but saw the "trailers" arrive -got stuck behind one on Sunday and another was delivered yesterday. My friend has the child star staying at her bed and breakfast - not sure of his name but he is Irish Gaelic.

There is a break in filming on Sunday and then the final day is Monday...

Best Wishes


The Achiltibuie Garden

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jamie Bell - The Poet and Writer...

At only 23 years of age Jamie Bell is already an skilled and accomplished actor
with 11 films, a TV series and a music video in the can.
But did you know that he is also a skilled writer as well?
Here's a few links to examples of his writings from the archives of the old
(NOTE: You'll notice that the photos on the blog are no longer being hosted)

What's really interesting about this is Jamie's writing 'In Character'...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Athlete's 'Black Swan Song' Video and Jamie Bell

Director Mark Locke on the Black Swan Song music video...
"Casting-wise at one point it looked like Jamie Bell might play the lead"
The full story HERE

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Eagle Of The Ninth - Casting Call...

Men aged between 20 and 40 -

and willing to have their heads shaved -

have been invited to a casting at the Spectrum Centre

in Inverness on 6 October.

JAMIE BELL'S REAL LIFE: The Younger Years...

Great older article about Jamie's younger years (pre-Billy Elliot)...
Including his prize-winning tap dance routine in 1998
Thanks to Trudy at the StageCoach School!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jamie Bell: "They Wouldn't Be Able To Afford Him Now!"

Mention of Jamie Bell's performance as Billy Caspar in 'KES'...

at Stockton's Arc Theatre

shortly after he made Billy Elliot.