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Saturday, October 16, 2010

RETREAT (2011) As An Intense 4 Week Shoot Comes To An End - Jamie Bell

As an intense 4 week shooting schedule comes to an end,
Barry Davis, @motcat of Tudweiliog wrote on Twitter:
"filming Retreat with Cillian Murphy and Thandie Newton
still filming now in the rain
with a huge false moon brilliant"

A few days earlier Richard Williams-Ellis had emailed me with an update saying
practically the whole of Retreat is being filmed in and around
Plas Llandecwyn and outbuildings.
The only scenes to be shot elsewhere were the arrival by boat
on the island from the mainland...
and the end scene which was to be filmed October 14 & 15
on a rocky location on the coast about 12 miles from Plas Llandecwyn.
Apparently that was in Tudweiliog...
On the northern coast of the Llyn Peninsula in the county of Gwynedd...
Where they were still filming late into the evening on Friday.

Here are a few 'Climatic Mood Boards' by UK artist Stephen Trumble

(Mouse over for controls/Click to see stills)

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