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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jamie Bell In The First Person - The Adventures of Tintin

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Photography by John Russo

Jamie Bell in the first person

The child of "Billy Elliot", which was also seen in "King Kong" or "The Legion of the Eagle" - now gets on the skin of 'Tintin', the legendary reporter Hergé. The actor tells us, personally, his experience in this highly anticipated film Spielberg factory.
"It's very liberating to work with Motion Picture (a technique that mixes animation with real image that has been used in the filming of 'The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn'). They give you a template so you know where are them, but have room to create with your imagination. "

"While the script, the story and the characters are interesting, never mind work in a conventional scenario on a green screen without makeup or costume. At the end you're playing well, looking at the eyes of another actor .... "

"You can hardly recognize me in the movie of 'Tintin' and I love it because not all actors can boast of having worked in a Spielberg film and to walk down the street safely. The pressure of fame in the film is terrible. "

"I devoured all the comic books and biographies of Hergé, trying to find some clue, something about his parents, why he wrote those comics ... It was fun. I felt that I was fulfilling a mission. "

"All heroes, not just Americans, are very brave and loyal, with a sense of morality. Tintin is an excellent example of timeless and borderless hero. "

'Tintin' is an enigmatic figure. Not knowing, we know neither the age, but was about 15-17 years. But that mystery is also a gift for me as an actor, because it gives me more freedom when creating the character. "

"There's definitely a lack of women in the world of Tintin. I guess it's a more male, highly consistent with the time. I would have liked to sit down and ask the author, but I don't think that Tintin was sleeping with anyone. Everything in it revolves around the adventures, not sex. "

27/10/2011 | Carlos Cordoba

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